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Corporate Relocation

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Relocating Employees?

We have full-service employee relocation for local, nationwide and international moves.

From local, corporately sponsored relocations, to moves nationwide and even internationally, Geo. W. Weaver & Son provides the moving services your company needs to help employees get to their new job. Whether near or far, we will help you successfully relocate new hires or current employees.

Corporate Relocation
We have experience that puts minds at ease while providing all the moving services you need.

Working with the professional team at Geo. W. Weaver & Son will provide you with the services you require within the timeline you advise to make relocation less stressful for both the employee and the hiring company. In addition to working with you and your employee to plan the move, you can choose any or all of the moving services you need from packing, storage, move-in and move-out services, to transport.

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Quickly and Efficiently

We know you value time efficient employee moves.

Our movers work swiftly and effectively to move your employees so they can be settled in at their new residence and at work again as quickly and as stress-free as possible, no matter how far the relocation. We understand that restart time can be critical to a company’s workings, and we are dedicated to meeting your time needs.

We focus on making all moves hassle-free and affordable.

Relocating employees can become tedious and expensive. We are dedicated to making your move as easy as possible. Our pricing is competitive and our services are always on-time, allowing you to move employees with less disruption.

We are flexible! Let us know when you are moving and what services you need.

We make your company’s needs our business and focus. We flexibly meet the needs of your employees and your business. We are happy to move your staff locally, cross-country, or internationally.

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