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3 Steps for a Successful Corporate Relocation

3 Steps for a Successful Corporate Relocation

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Moving is stressful enough, but moving an entire company can be a nightmare without the right planning and services. Lost files, damaged equipment, disgruntled or confused employees, and lost productivity are just a few of the negative consequences of a poorly planned commercial move. If you want to avoid some of these pitfalls, then you need to plan. Here are a few tips on how to ensure your corporate move is successful.

1. Create Your Timeline

There needs to be a well-thought-out timeline of the move. This timeline is essential to preserve productivity for your employees and ensure your business doesn't come to a prolonged screeching halt. Any time you lose from productivity will be money lost. You should start by creating a timeline and a checklist of what needs to be accomplished. You need to factor in any important company dates as well that may impact moving. You'll also want to review your current lease if you have one to make sure there won't be overlapping rent.

During this part of your planning, you need to consider your budget, current lease, tasks that need assigning, searching for moving companies, inventory, updating address, and any other tasks that will be crucial to the move. It's best to assemble a team to help you with this planning time because there's always something you're going to forget, but someone else might remember.

2. Identify Moving Costs

Most people don't think of moving as an expense, but it most certainly is. There are always a host of expenses associated with moving. You'll need to identify those expenses ahead of time. If you fail to do this, you'll wind up spending way more than you should in order to just get everything done and off your plate. This isn't a cost-effective way to budget.

3. Find Professionals

Speaking of money, you might be tempted to try to save money by delegating moving tasks to employees for the time being. This is a mistake. First, these types of tasks aren't part of your employees' job descriptions, so that can get tricky from an HR perspective. Second, your employees aren't trained to be movers. They won't have the skills or tools that professional moving companies will have. Moving companies have trained staff that know how to get your business moved quickly and safely to your new location. According to Ruby Home, a luxury real estate resource, young adults between the ages of 20-29 move the most. No matter what kind of move you're planning, consulting professionals is always ideal.

These are just a few tips to ensure you have a successful commercial move. If you're looking for moving companies in your area, please contact us at Geo. W. Weaver & Son today. We look forward to helping you with your move.

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